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America kind of sucks these days. But hey, we got some pretty highways, I guess.

Pretty worried about the economy cause I’m not very liquid right now.

Most of my cash is tied up in Clipper cards I seem to have misplaced.

Wordle 339 3/6

Line 1: 3rd correct but in the wrong place.
Line 2: 1st and 2nd correct but in the wrong place.
Line 3: Won!

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This is an interesting interview, I’m looking forward to the book - particularly with what is being debated around Twitter and other aspects of the internet right now. I still wonder what push is needed to help the ideals become mainstream

Is there any technical reason @Twitter couldn't integrate with the Mastodon fediverse?
i.e. Twitter users addressable like

Wordle 338 3/6

Line 1: 5th perfect.
Line 2: 2nd, 4th and 5th perfect.
Line 3: Won!

My 74yo mother just tested positive for COVID after returning from a trip to FLA where, per her, "nobody, anywhere, was wearing a mask". 😡

We need a word for "the time between waking up in the morning and when you realize that there’s a new Wordle waiting for you".

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Wordle 333 3/6

Line 1: 1st perfect, but 4th in the wrong place.
Line 2: 1st, 2nd and 4th perfect, but 3rd in the wrong place.
Line 3: Won!

Is it possibe to run my Mastodon instance in JRuby or TruffleRuby??

Back on BART after a month-long COVID break. Wear a mask on public transit folks!

The best feature of JNI was how much it sucked so there were very few wrapped native extensions.

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Easier native extensions outside the JVM means that these sort of issues will be more common in the Java ecosystem, no?

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It is also why I am a little worried about Panama.

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>npm ERR! Package pixman-1 was not found in the pkg-config search path.

Shit like this is why Java is better than Node, Ruby, Python, et al

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